A lethal car accident

A woman lost her grandparents in a car accident. She noticed that every time her partner or one of her children went for a longer journey by car, she was very afraid and always insisted on them calling when they arrived at their destination. As her grandmother and grandfather I listened to what had been both painful and scary for her. ‘Why did you leave me?’ was one of the sentences that wanted to be heard. Two months later she told me, how her daughter was travelling with a van in New Zealand and she was no longer afraid. She only missed her daughters presence.

More examples of transformative listening based on my own work as professional listener.

Transformative Listening

Can pain be healed? Can patterns be changed? Can blockades be removed? Coaches, therapists, mediators and other professional listeners try to support people in transforming their life. Sometimes it's enough to be present and mirror what you hear. Sometimes however undesirable emotions, thoughts and behaviour seem connected to more stubborn and 'older' stories. Transformative Listening combines several methods to reprogram triggers, convictions and blockades that no longer serve your speakers.

What would you like to transform by listening?

Disturbing thoughts?

Strong emotions?

Stubborn blockades?

This training is based on my own work as professional listener. Transformative listening is not based on one method. In this training we (you, me and the other parcipants) will explore how you can combine several methods. This training invites you to combine methods you found to be useful with new methods. It also helps you to further increase your own intuition and ability to improvise. (More about the methods that I combine).

Intuition and Improvisation

Walking and Talking When do you hold on to an idea?

When do you need to let go?

In this training we will address:

As with all of my training courses we will work with examples of the participants. Some find it hard to recognize when an idea or approach is not effective and/or let go of the idea when they do. Others find it challenging to handle certain 'ugly thoughts' or strong expressions of emotions, that often come up in this kind of work. Depending on the issues that come up we will work with insights about listening (Book of Needs), our own processes, trauma healing and improvisation. I noticed that the concepts I learned in 30 years of impro theatre have helped met tremendously to 'stay in the moment', see what's needed and let go of an idea if it doesn't work. It also allows me to show you how you can do this serious and deep work with lightness and play.

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