Book of Needs

This worksheet is based on combination of the Empathy Path, the 6-step model of the 'Book of Needs' and the 4 step model used in NVC. It is used in many training courses that we give.

Speaking with Needs

This worksheet offers a simple step-by-step structure to formulate the 4-steps of NVC using information gathered by the worksheet Listening with Needs.

Step by step, easy to use

Listening with Needs What makes it easier for people to hear your wishes?

Including the people you have a conflict with?

Follow the path on this worksheet step by step and you will find how much easier it is to formulate your wishes in a way, that will be easily heard and accepted by other people including the ones with who you may have a smaller or bigger conflict. When this is the first time you use it, we advice to use our instructions.

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