Deck of Needs

Deck of Needs

The Deck of Needs uses this classification for several 'games' as well the connections between needs on the backside of these cards. The Deck of Needs is also available in German, Dutch and Polish.


Wish2Needs was originally one of the 'games' you can play with the Deck of Needs. In this tool we use 'solutions / strategies' that people WISH for to find the needs behind these wishes.

Flower of Needs

On the one hand the classification of animals helps to understand, what certain animals have in common. On the other hand it helps us to describe animals, find their names and/or give them names. Something similar can be said for a classification of needs: it helps to find words and it helps to understand the connections between needs at a deeper level. The Flower of Needs is the graphical representation of our classification of needs.

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Paradox of Needs

The Flower of Needs is based on what Nada Ignatovic called the 'Paradox of Needs'. Often it seems that one need can only be fulfilled at the expense of another. On the one hand we want to be together with others (red leaf). On the other hand we also want to be ourselves and independent (yellow leaf). On the one hand we want to do things that have quality and meaning (green leaf). On the other hand we want lightness, ease and fun (blue leaf). We call it a paradox, because we believe (as does NVC), that it is possible to find a strategy to fulfil all needs. At the same time we acknowledge, that often people can't see and find that strategy at a particular moment in time. The paradox of needs is an important element at the backside of the Deck of Needs.

The physical needs are presented as the stem and dark green leafs of this flower.

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To fully understand the Flower of Needs, its stem and its leafs we recommend:

It took time to learn the full classification of the animal world. You did not learn all the animals at once. It took time to learn the difference between fish, reptiles and mammals. It takes just as much time to see, understand and digest the many words and connections that the Flower of Needs contains. The more you use words, cards and flower however, the clearer this classification becomes.

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A laminated version of the Flower of Needs is available in our Webshop. The Flower of Needs is also available in Dutch, German, French, and Polish. We aim to keep adding more languages. The first step to more languages is this Excel file, that currently contains Deutsch, Nederlands, Polski, Russian, Francais, Suomi (Finnish), Dansk and Portuguesa. This file also shows the clusters / subgroups presented in the Flower of Needs.


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