In our Demo we show how you can find and listen to (your) needs in times of crisis.

Which word attracts (your) attention?

Self care

We keep developing new expansions and applications.

Self Card

Which (new) feelings and thoughts come up, when you add the Selfcard to (your) need card?

Instructions 1

As with all our tools the Deck of Needs is both suitable for starters and very experienced, professional listeners. This English instructions is next to the demo above a good way for all levels to be introduced to the possibilities of the Deck of Needs.

Deck of Needs

The Deck of Needs offers many possibilities to find and listen to (your) needs. Many can be used from the first time you use the Deck of Needs. Others will take some or more experience with needs and the cards. To ensure that you get the information, that fits you, we've ordered the different ways to find and listen to (your) needs into three levels:

Starter: You have heard about the Deck of Needs and/or worked and played with it once or twice.

Advanced: You have your own Deck of Needs and played and worked with it more than 10 times.

Expert: You work intensively with other people, have your own Deck of Needs and played and worked with it for a long time.

Learning step by step

We love to show you in a Training or (online) Coaching session how the Deck of Needs can support you. We think, that you can also walk this path of learning with the different instructions and demo's. We reoommend to go this path step by step and only go to the next level, when you've read and (often) used the previous steps. Many ways to apply the Deck of Needs are clearer and easier to understand, when you sufficiently tried the previous steps. At the same time we see, that there may be much to discover on level 1. New insights have have improved our way of using the Deck of Needs. We think that the  completely new Fast Instructions and the Demo from 2020 may improve your way of working with the Deck of Needs too.

Order NOW

The Deck of Needs is available in English, German, French, Polish and Dutch. Order your own deck now and experience how this set of cards or one of the several expansions can enrich your life.



Hugo A. Roele is from the Netherlands. He has been working for several decades as consultant, trainer and professional listener in many European countries and online with people all over the world. Tools like the Deck of Needs, Strategy Cards and the Empathy Path have been developed in cooperation with colleagues from the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Discussons about how to translate certain words into English, German, Polish, French and Dutch have lead to the high qualitiy of the current Deck of Needs and the other tools. The Book of Needs is (unfortunately) still only available in English.

Our website is currently under thorough reconstruction due to new insights. We are offering new content for all levels of users every week. Our focus is now on this content; colours, pictures, modern structures and correct spelling and grammar will follow later. On this website and on our Facebook page we will keep you informed about new tools, new games, instruction updates, new books and translations into other languages. Our Facebook page is also our forum for questions, feedback and everything else you and we might like to share. Please contact us directly, if you prefer another way of communication.

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