One by One (short version)


Get clarity, which needs want to be found and heard.


This game is played with all the cards from the Deck of Needs.

Think about your present situation. Look at the cards one by one and see if one of the words attracts your attention. Make a stack for 'YES', 'NO' and 'MAYBE'. Stop when you have 7 cards in the combined stacks YES and MAYBE. Divide the cards in the 'MAYBE' stack with only 'YES' and 'NO' as answers. Look at the cards in your 'YES' stack and find the word(s) that create the strongest emotional and/or physical reaction.


Put cards here that attract your attention.

Put cards here, when you find it difficult to say YES or NO.

Put cards here that don't attract your attention.

Deepen your understanding of words and/or find more words by looking at the 'related words' on the backside.


As Trainer / Coach we recommend:

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You can also look at all the cards (long version). Because the backside will also guide you to other needs, this will in most cases not lead to better results.


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