Example of related needs

On the back side of each card the Deck of Needs offers a unique way to find more words to describe the needs that are alive at a particular moment. Unpleasant situations are often connected to several needs.

Which other need attracts your attention?

In this example we show some of the needs that we connect to the need 'to be Heard'. We start with the words in the blue square. It's our experience that people who want to be heard also want to express themselves if possible as 'honestly' and 'spontaneously' as possible. 'Acceptance', 'recognition' and 'empathy' are some of the other needs that people may have when they found the need 'to be heard'.

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The colour of the lines under the words correspond with the colour of the card with these words. In the future we hope to have a full functioning digital version where all the bold and underlined words lead to a different card. At this moment we've chosen one answer from the blue square: acceptance. Click here to continue.

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