In our demo how you can find and fulfil needs with the Strategy Cards.

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Strategy cards

Strategy Cards What do you need? What do you 'really' need? This is probably one of the most important questions asked by coaches, therapists, mediators and anyone who is interested in the well-being of others. The first answers you will often hear are:
  • Home
  • Partner
  • Friends
  • Work
  • Money

Are you satisfied with your work?

Strategies like work, family, partner and home play an important role in creating a 'better' life both for you and others. The Strategy Cards can be used to:

What needs are people trying to fulfil with an addiction?

We selected 15 strategies that are often used for a longer period and are often used to fulfil several needs and included 3 'challenging periods of time' (beginning, crisis and end). Many of these cards and periods have already been discussed in the Book of Needs as themes. Since 2022 we've added 14 additional strategies, the Yes/No-cards and 4 option cards to help make strategies more concrete or better understand concrete strategies of you and others. On the backside of each Strategy Card you can find a selection of needs that might be connected to this strategy or challenging period.

The Strategy Cards were designed as an expansion to the 'Deck of Needs'. Each underlined words is a word on one of the cards in the Deck of Needs. The colour of the line matches the colour of that card. This allows you to quickly find a set of cards connected to this strategy or challenging period of time. The example on the right shows that the Strategy Cards can also be used separately.

Is sex a need or a strategy?

Strategy Cards When I first showed this picture a lot of people told me 'sex' is a 'need'. Many NVC-trainers including Marshall Rosenberg put 'sexual expression' on their list of needs. I believe it can be both a need and a strategy. In the Flower of Needs you will find sexuality as one of the 'physical needs'. Feel free to use it as a need. The words on the backside can also be used to get a deeper understanding when you see sex as a need.

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The Strategy Cards are available in English, German, Dutch, French and Polish. We've also added two Pause Cards making it a total of 40 cards. We will continue to add other languages. Order your own set of Strategy Cards now. Register now and/or 'like' our Facebook page and we will keep you informed about new tools, new games, instruction updates, new books and new translations. Our Facebook page is also our forum for questions, feedback and everything else you and we might like to share.

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