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Self Card Humour

Although the Self Card was originally designed for the 'red' cards of the Deck of Needs, it also creates a different experience when you use it with other needs.

Self Card Support Liv

This picture shows, that the card can also be used with other Card Games in this case the 'Känslo & behovskort' from 'Friare Liv'.

Self Card

"I know you want people to accept you as you are. And ... can you also accept yourself?"

Strategy Cards

There is a set of needs, we hope to fulfil by being TOGETHER with family, friends, children, partner, colleagues and other people like:

  • Care
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Acceptance
  • Recognition

As children others are often our only option to fulfil these needs. As people get older fulfilling them yourself becomes an option. And even if you still prefer that others are involved, you may notice that these 'red' needs can only be sufficiently fulfilled if you are also able to give them to yourself.

'Double' your needs vocabulary

Strategy Cards The Self Card is a card that you can add to a card with a 'Need'. Although we still speak about the same need, you will probably experience that there is a clear difference when you look at the card 'Acceptance' above or the combined cards 'Self' and 'Acceptance' below. It almost feels like a different need.

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The Self Card has been included with the Deck of Needs since 2019. The card is also part of Card Set 1. Order a set of laminated cards in our webshop. Or go to are Gratis Tools page to create your own cards. Please contact us, if you want to translate this card in another language. Register now and/or go to our Facebook page and we will keep you informed about new developments, new games, new applications, other languages and updates.

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