In this example you can see, how Hugo A. Roele uses the Deck of Needs (around 8:58) in a coaching session.

Instructions for professional listeners

At a certain level communication is more about using your experience and intuition, than about setting up a set of rules or instructions. The same thing is true for the Deck of Needs, the Strategy Cards and all the other tools you find on this website. You can reread the previous instructions, demo and games, read our growing list of blogs or watch the example on the right. We will continue to add more videos and blogs, where we will show how we use the Deck of Needs. Still the biggest growth will probably be achieved when you continue practicing yourself and we support you by training and/or coaching.

This page offers some topics, that we like to explore with you during training, coaching or the sharing of ideas and questions on for instance our Facebook page. The topics may trigger an AHA-Erlebnis, a sudden understanding. It''s more likely, that they raise new questions and ideas, you'd like to try out on your own. You may realize, that you already do some of the things we suggest. New topics may come up. We notice, that when we listen and speak with the Deck of Needs ourselves, working with real people with real issues and real questons we get suprising new ideas ourselves. We're sure the same happens with you..

Listening with 3 senses


Expansions and Classification



 The concepts on this page are part of our advanced and expert training courses. Contact us if you want to learn more. This page is still under construction. We will add more information soon.

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