"The first step to find better, sustainable solutions and strategies is to find and listen to (your) needs."
Core thoughtline of NVC.


In our Demo we show how you can find (your) needs in times of crisis.

Which word attracts (your) attention?

Deck of Needs

What seem not sufficiently fulfilled? Which things seem to leave your customers, employees, colleagues, children and/or partner not sufficiently satisfied? Which words describe almost exactly, what you want instead? Look at the example on the right. Which word is attracting your attention? Which thoughts and feelings come up, when you think about this word? Does this word want to be found and heard? And why exactly this word?

Listening to (your) needs

We see needs as powerful, almost magical words that are particularly important when communication is challenging. In our blog "Why needs?" and in the Book of Needs we show how these words support you when there is:

At the same time it is often difficult to find exactly the words, that fit for a/your specific situation.That's when a powerful tool like the Deck of Needs can support you.

A powerful tool to:

Deck of Needs
  • find (your) needs.
  • listen to (your) needs.
  • listen to (your) needs at a deeper level.
  • find more needs.
  • compare (your) needs.

The fast way to find the 'right' words

To experience what the Deck of Needs can do for you and/or your customers, we recommend to start with our demo and the Fast Instructions.

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Order your own Deck of Needs now and experience how the cards improve your communication and your life.


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