"The core message in every story contains (at least) one thought, one feeling and one need."
Core thoughtline from the Book of Needs.


In our Demo we show how you can find (your) needs in times of crisis.

Which word attracts (your) attention?

Instructions for starters

The Deck of Needs offers many possibilities to use it and thereby also many ways to learn how ot use it. We think the following three games are most suitable for starters:

The Demo of the first game and the Fast Instructions of the second explain step by step, how you can work with the Deck of Needs and reach the results, that we described on the introduction page. (For translations into other languages go to the end of this page).

More games and expansions

We recommend to play these 3 games several times and go the the following pages once you've gained sufficient experience:

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Other Languages

Much instruction material is also available in other languages.


German instruction material is available on a seperate German page.


We made a Demo with French cards and English explanations. The Fast Instructions and the One by One game have not been translated into French yet.


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