We use the word 'Games' instead of applications, because we hope, that you - like it says on the card Play - 'will do important and/or less important things with lightness, ease and/or joy'.

Self Care

Which feelings and thoughs come up, when you ad the card 'Self'?

Self Card

Double the amount of 'Need cards' by adding the Self Card.


In the Instructions for starters and the Demo we show, how you can find and listen to (your) needs, when you work with the Deck of Needs for the first time. With our expansions we offer other ways to find and listen to (your) needs. To use these expansions, it's often necessary and always very useful that you've worked and played with the Deck of Needs repeatedly.

More ways to find the 'right' words

Strategy Cards We developed the following tools as expansions to the Deck of Needs:

All Tools are available in our Webshop. The Self Card, YES/NO-Cards and Pause Card are also available as FREE TOOLS to print and create yourself.

When you listen en speak with needs, we also recommend the following tools:


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