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Who are we

Kommunikasie started as a collective of NVC-trainers. At the moment the main trainer is Hugo A. Roele. For various projects he works together with colleagues from all over Europe and the USA. The Tools on this website are his children. The increasing quality of these tools is however possible through the feedback and translation of many others. The aim is to add new trainers and co-developers in the near future.

Drs. Hugo A. Roele (Enschede)

Hugo Roele Hugo A. Roele has worked for many years as a trainer, management consultant, and coach in a number of European countries. He began studying and teaching Nonviolent Communication in 2001. Since 2010 he has dedicated much of his time to developing methods and tools that make it easier to learn NVC better. The Book of Needs, The Deck of Needs, and The Flower of Needs are based on his broad experience in both professional and private life. He is the proud father of three sons and lives in Enschede, The Netherlands. More about his own work as professional listener and about his life can be found on www.hugoaroele.nl)

The Book of Needs has been written in cooperation with:

Matthew Rich-Tolsma (Utrecht)

Matthew Rich-Tolsma Matthew Rich-Tolsma is an internationally recognised expert in the fields of transformative learning and leadership development. He is an experienced facilitator, coach, and program developer and works together with a range of organisations around the globe, both virtually and in-person. He is a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and a member of the team at Lectica, Inc. He is proudly South African and lives together with his wife Anneke in Utrecht, the Netherlands. (More about his current activities can be found on: www.rich-tolsma.com)

Depending on the type of question our team is extended with other (international) NVC trainers.

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