Deck of Needs

Deck of Needs

The Deck of Needs uses the classification for several 'games' as well as for ways to connect words by 'related' needs. Also available in German, Dutch and Polish.


Wish2Needs was originally developed as one of the 'games' you can play with the Deck of Needs. We believe however that it can also be used independently. In this tool we use the type of 'solutions / strategies' that people WISH for to find the needs behind them.

Flower of needs

The Flower of Needs is a graphical representation of a classification of words for needs, that we will further explain in Part Two of the Book of Needs. It already plays an important role in two of our tools:

Our tools aim be as easy in helping you find words for what people need as navigation systems are in helping you find your destination. You don't need to know how these devices calculate the fastest route nor how our tools help you find the 'right' words. At the same time some knowledge of th classification behind our tools might help you to get even more clarity about the words you are looking for and the way they are connected.

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The physical needs are presented as the stem and leafs of this flower.

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To fully understand the Flower of Needs, its stem and its leafs we recommend:

It took time to learn the full classification of the animal world. You did not learn all the animals at once. It took time to learn the difference between fish, reptiles and mammals. It takes just as much time to see, understand and digest the many words and connections that the Flower of Needs contains. The more you use words, cards and flower however, the clearer it becomes.

The Flower of Needs has been translated into DutchGerman and Polish. We are working on translations of this flower into more languages. The first step is the creation of an Excel file, that currently contains Deutsch, Nederlands, Polski, Russian, Francais, Suomi (Finnish), Dansk and Portuguesa. This file also shows the clusters / subgroups presented in the Flower of Needs. We aim to add more languages later. We try to constantly update the Flower of Needs and this list based on new insights. Unfortunately this means that some languages (English, Deutsch, Nederlands) are more up to date than others. Please let us know, if you want to help to keep this list as up to date as possible.

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